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Property June 12, 2017

How to sell your home

When it comes to selling your home, it’s never as easy as we think. Where am I going to move to? How much will I sell this house for? Will I get a mortgage I want? All these questions and many more need to be asked and answered when it comes to the home moving process.

It’s no wonder that behind deaths and marriages, moving home was the next most stressful aspect of a person’s life, it even came ahead of watching Sunderland play!!

Over the coming weeks I will be giving you tips and tricks on not only how to sell your home for the best price and in the quickest time, but also the best way in which you can purchase your dream home. How to get the estate agent on side, how to stop delays in the buying process and how to ensure you get the best mortgage.

If you are a buyer, seller or even thinking about becoming one, you don’t even have to be a client of ours, we still want to HELP you. Drop us an email at or phone on 0191 5124940 we are here to help.

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