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Property June 12, 2017

Selling your home – Tip no 1 – Declutter your home

This is an obvious one but decluttering really does work. I really appreciate the sentimental ornaments or the holiday momentous but please take them down and put them out the way.

The main reason that people move home is that they have out grown their space. So when they come to view your home, they don’t want to see it cluttered. They want to feel like it’s got plenty of room to grow in.

If they come to your home and see it cluttered, it will the biggest turn off. Simple decluttering will be a great help for them to see the room the way it can and should be used.

Decluttering also helps you in packing before you really have to. If you put all the nik naks in storage, when it comes to moving home, you’ve done quite a bit of it already. It already mentally prepares you from moving on by putting some of your sentimental items away.

Most of us will also not be able to see the wood for the trees and by that I mean we are too close to the personal items in our home. Ask your agent what they think, but please don’t expect the answer “oh its lovely the way it is” unless you don’t want to sell your home. Your agent should be giving you brutal honest advice how to get the best price possible in the quickest time and giving you advice on what to keep on show and what not to keep on show should be part of that advise.

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