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Property July 24, 2017

Selling your home – Tip no 6 – Get Lost

Now I don’t mean that literally of course but too many sellers that do their own viewings hang about with the prospective purchaser and literally act as their shadow whilst they are looking round.

Be there to ask any questions but give them enough space so they can talk to each other. They may want to talk about where they can put furniture or say something about the house you might not want to hear!

I know you think you are being helpful, but in fact you are putting people off. Imagine if you went to Debenhams or Tesco’s and the staff followed you round everywhere you went? If people have a question, then they will ask.

If your house has history or some character, then tell them about it and gauge their response. Some people like that sort of thing but others don’t.

If you don’t feel comfortable with showing people round your home, then the estate agent will be more than happy to help.

If you are a buyer, seller or even thinking about becoming one, you don’t even have to be a client of ours, we still want to HELP you. Drop us an email at or phone on 0191 5124940 we are here to help


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