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Property August 2, 2017

Selling your home – Tip No 7

Audit your agent

Just because someone else had a bad or good experience with another agent, it doesn’t mean you will to. Do your own research, make sure they are a good fit for you and you are for them. We deal with a lot of landlords, vendors, applicant and tenants and we prefer them to come to us knowing they have already “tried us out”, in fact we encourage it. If we don’t do a great job then we need to improve, if we do a great job then we need to live up to your expectations.

Phone them up, or even better go in and meet the team that may be selling your property. This is probably the biggest asset you will ever own so it makes sense to meet and like them. Never do business with people you don’t like, it will cloud your judgement and decision making.

See how long it takes them to return calls, come visit you and get the paper work out to you to sign. Also make sure that once you signed the paperwork they still work hard to sell your home. Some agents work hard to get the listing but then after that they relax and think the hard work has been done. In fact, it’s just beginning. Listing for vanity, selling for sanity.

Give the agent feedback, and make sure they know why you chose or didn’t choose them. It’s the only way they will improve.

If you are a buyer, seller or even thinking about becoming one, you don’t even have to be a client of ours, we still want to HELP you. Drop us an email at or phone on 0191 5124940 we are here to help

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