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Property August 7, 2017

Selling your home – Tip No 8 Never choose on price

Price is what you pay BUT value is what you get. It’s a very true statement and something worth bearing in mind if you ever sell your property. The agents that charge cheap fees, very rarely and in my experience, are never the best agent. They rely on volume sale, “sell em cheap and stack em high”. Now in any industry when has that ever resulted in value?

If an estate or letting agent is doing his or her job correctly, then they will have all the systems, processes, technology and marketing to pay for in order to get you the best price for your home and fast. Anyone can stick a property on Rightmove or the other portals, but it takes a good experienced agent to get you top price for your property.

A good estate agent is worth every penny.

Just as an example, imagine that a cheap agent charges you 1% of a £100,000 house but takes 3 months to get a couple of viewings and then gets you an offer of £90,000. BUT you only pay £900 fee, must be a bargain. Now imagine a really good agent gets you 10 viewings in the 1st months due to all the great marketing he or she does, gets you the asking price in 2 months but charges you 2%, which is £2,000. Now which one would you choose?

It’s completely different isn’t it?

There are low ends to all industries, and if that’s what people want to be associated with then that’s fine and best of luck. Nothing wrong with that. There will always be a McDonalds and 2nd hand car salesmen to service people that are blinded by cheap prices.

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