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Property September 18, 2017

Selling your home – Tip No 12 Put your house on the market

Some people say that they want a valuation but don’t want to put their house on the market? But I feel they could be missing out on their dream home. Let me explain. We all know that the best position to be in when you offer on a property to buy is if you have cash in the bank. Cash is king.

Next best position is if you have had an offer accepted from someone not in a chain. Next is if you have an offer from someone but you are in a chain, and so on.

The worst position to be is if you see your dream property, go and view it and put an offer in, only to be asked the dreaded question, “and what position are you in with your home”. If it’s not even on the market, as you were “testing it” then the chances of the vendor who is selling your dream home accepting your offer is very slim indeed.

Selling a property is all or nothing if you want the best results. You need to be committed. Testing the market, very rarely works and only frustrates everyone involved in the process.

If you sell your home you are in a much better position to buy.

If you are a buyer, seller or even thinking about becoming one, you don’t even have to be a client of ours, we still want to HELP you. Drop us an email at or phone on 0191 5124940 we are here to help

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