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Property January 17, 2018

Questions You Should Be Asking the Estate Agent

When it comes to finding your perfect Estate Agent you can often be blinded by a familiar brand and claims of a quick sale. But there is so much more you need to be considering when finding the ideal agent for you.

What other homes like mine do you have on the market?

When choosing an agent, you must make sure they understand your house and the bracket that it comes under. They might have sold many houses but if none of them were like yours, how will you know they are marketing it correctly?

What are your fees?

This is a very up-front question but one that needs to be asked. Find out the final cost of everything put together so you can get a true understanding of the agent. Don’t forget there is always room to discuss lowering prices.

Do I need to improve my home?

Everyone knows that upgrading your home to increase its market value is vital. But why not ask the professionals about their view? They have the inside knowledge to really help you up your market value by simply completing a few changes. Estate Agents are here to help and will gladly provide extra information when required.

How will you market my home?

Talk to the agent about their tactics when it comes to your property, which portals do they think will work best to attract your perfect buyers. This might also be a great time to ask them about their most popular portals, how do they sell most of their properties? 

How will you keep me in the loop?

When your property is up on the market, knowing everything about interest, viewings and of course offers is the way of the sale. But you need to make it clear when you would like to be contacted. Even if someone simply enquires about your property, if you want to know this you must make it clear.

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