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Property January 29, 2018

Mistakes You Could Be Making When Selling Your Home

Selling your home is an exciting prospect but one that requires a lot of thought and planning. You may think you have covered all areas, but are there mistakes you could be making when it comes to selling your home?

Pricing Incorrectly

Your home is your haven and it can sometimes be the case that you see the value of your property higher than anyone else. The main importance is to make sure you are pricing your home right for the market it comes under. Buyers are keen researchers and if your property doesn’t match others like it, they might not give it a second thought. Another way you might go is to under-price your property, this may be due to false information being given to you by an estate agent or you may just not think your property has as much worth. Finding the middle ground with a realistic price is a top priority and it could be the difference between a sale being agreed and not.

Ignoring Property Issues

You may be wanting to sell your house quickly and move on but some property issues such as structural problems and maintenance complications can be a serious draw back. Really listen to your agent’s feedback about home improvements as they know what will put buyers off. Even if a major structural change is required, an increased market value is guaranteed to be added to your property.

Marketing Your Property Wrong

Times have changed and there are so many more marketing options available now that will help boost your property presence. Do some research yourself before you solely rely on your agent to advertise your home. Look at online property portals, email newsletters and of course traditional methods too, then discuss your findings with your agent to help determine the best avenue for your property.

Being Too Set in Your Ways

Yes, you are aiming for your asking price but in many cases, you might not always reach that perfect amount. You must be ready to reduce the asking price if necessary without holding back, even though it’s not ideal it’s a very normal procedure and you shouldn’t be disappointed. In your head you may have an idea of the perfect buyers, but again you may have to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Don’t get caught up in your dreams, make sure to mix them with reality.

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