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Property February 26, 2018

4 Creative Ways to Attract Buyers to Your Property

So, you’re looking for the right way to stand out on the property market. In this blog we are going to discuss four creative ways to attract buyers to your property.

1. Create interest for your property via social media

Social Media is at the height of it’s popularity now and it can be used as a great advantage for your home. Think outside the box for promoting your property, instead of just going down the post route think about videos and virtual tours. Build a hype for your property by advertising that you are going to be doing a live tour held on a social media platform. This is a step out of the ordinary and will make people think twice about your house. 

2. Talk about a quirky angle

Have you got an interesting fact about your property? Maybe it has some exciting history or is linked to someone of importance. Play on this fact to attract buyers. A chair is just a chair but if it belonged to a celebrity the chances are it will sell much quicker and at a higher price than a normal chair. Use this same premise for your property, accentuate quirky points.

3. Offer more than just the house

Everybody loves a freebie, which is why giving something away along side your property can be a great way to entice potential buyers. Plus, it doesn’t always have to be property related, create a lovely welcome package for your new homeowners complete with individual objects which they will benefit from.

4. Make your buyers feel at home

People really need to get the right feel for a property as soon as they step foot in it. That’s why it’s important to make your potential buyers feel at home during their viewing. Give your house a lived-in look, add some just baked cookies to the kitchen, fresh flowers in the dining room or even an open book in the living room. The homely appeal is one that buyers are always on the look out for.

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