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Property March 12, 2018

Stay Organised When Moving

The trick to moving is organisation, there is nothing worse than a final rush. In this blog we go over the ideal checklist for an organised move!

2 months before moving

-          Inform local services that there will be a change of address. E.g. doctors, dentists and banks

-          Contract any subscriptions informing them of new delivery address.

-          Create a checklist of all belongings that need to be considered in the move

6 weeks before moving

-          Confirm your moving date. Contact your removal company and arrange the perfect date and time for you. Mid-week is the best due to quietness.

-          Arrange time off work for the move

-          Buy boxing supplies well in advance so you are prepared

4 weeks before moving

-          Start packing external items which will not disrupt your living e.g clear out shed and pack garden furniture away.

-          Contact service companies such as gas and electric to confirm shut off date

-          Begin packing non essentials

3 weeks before moving

-          Plan for moving living objects such as pets and plants.

-          Arrange house insurance cover for new property

-          If you require more pairs of hands, talk to friends and family now.

2 weeks before moving

-          Start packing in named boxes so you know where everything is

-          Give back items to neighbours you have borrowed

-          Start eating food from your freezer

1 week before moving

-          Start packing the essentials you need and keeping a check of everything you have already packed.

-          Set aside valuables which you will keep with you until the move

-          Pack a survival kit to keep with you, just in case your removal van is delayed

1 day before moving

-          Finalise packing

-          Say goodbye to your neighbours

-          Leave your details for the new occupants in case they need you 

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