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Property April 9, 2018

Spring Cleaning Your Home

With Spring finally here, now is the perfect time to complete a deep clean on your property! In this blog we are going to be suggesting top tips for giving your home a Spring clean.


Over time your dishwasher can build up grime that can affect its performance, in turn causing you to have to rewash dishes. There are many expensive dishwasher cleaners on the market which all do the job, but by simply placing a glass of white vinegar in a secure container and running your dishwasher on a hot-cycle this will wash away grease and grime plus remove musty odours too.


Even though you will most likely wash your worktops regularly, germs can stay on the surface for many months after, which is why it’s important to complete a deep clean on your worktops. Bicarbonate of soda and water mixed together provides a powerful detergent than can be used on all surfaces from granite to marble.


Now is as better time as any to sort through belongings that you no longer use and get rid of them. Statistics show that a cluttered house can trigger stress so it’s important to keep on top of all your belongings. The rule is if you have not use that item for 6 months then you simply don't need it, if you follow this rule it will make decluttering much easier.

Clean your Carpets

Carpets can often be overlooked during a Spring Clean but in many cases, they harbour the most dirt! Whether you choose to have them professionally cleaned or do them yourself, it is crucial to complete a deep clean on your carpets at least once a year as it does not only make them look new again, but it can have some health benefits to providing cleaner air to breath.

Update Your Bedsheets

We all have a favourite duvet cover and bed sheet, but are yours past their best? If your duvet cover is starting to look a little grubby, bicarbonate of soda will do the trick to make your whites white again. Did you know only 57% of people get rid of their bedsheets when it starts to show signs of wear? If you feel your bedsheets are looking worn or old, it’s best to throw them out and replace with brand new ones.

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