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Property April 23, 2018

Why Changing Your Flooring Can Transform Your Home!

When it comes to selling your home you want to give the best impression possible, you may have looked into ways to increase the value of your property with new additions such as furniture and the installation of a conservatory, but have you thought about coming down to earth, literally! In this blog we investigate how just by changing your flooring, your home can be transformed.

It Breathes New Life Into Your Home

Many people will have walked the halls in your home which in turn will have led to visible wear. You may think that just by updating furniture it completely renews your home, but flooring is still something potential buyers notice.

Take a look at the latest flooring trends and match them to the updated interior of your home. If you had any cracks or stains they will be long gone and make the viewer feel like they have walked into a brand-new home!

Adds Character

If you are looking to really spruce up your home and grab potential buyers attention a great way to do this is to strip back carpeted areas to reveal the traditional wooden floor underneath. Not only will it add character, but it also shows the history of your home which will intrigue potential buyers.

If you are looking to really catch the eye of a viewer, invest in different flooring styles and patterns, it will provide the perfect centre piece for your home.

Keeps Your Home up to date

Flooring can often be overlooked in your home, but it can age… A great way to keep up with the times is to update the flooring around your home with the latest patterns and colours. The top trends for this year are bleached wood flooring, distressed wood and vintage black and white.

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