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Property May 1, 2018

Top Tips for Renting A Property

So, you've made the decision to rent a property, one that hundreds of people make each day. But did you know that there are certain factors that all renters should follow. In this blog we are going to help you learn the steps to a become a successful renter.

Check Finances

Most property fees are charged per calendar month, so you must make sure to do your money checks. Work out your useable income which you know can go towards your home each month. The last thing you want is to not plan far enough ahead and be stuck.

Read The Tenancy Agreement

This may be an obvious point, but many tenants tend to overlook finer details which in turn can cost them. Discuss the tenancy Agreement going over any points you need further clarification on. You will never be judged for asking so don't hold back!

Check the Inventory

When renting a new property, you will always be provided with a list that includes all the furniture and facilities which are in the property. Don't be afraid to speak up if you feel something isn’t there that should be. It's your entitlement so should be brought up with your Landlord.

Don’t Sit in Silence

If you encounter a problem in your home TELL YOUR LANDLORD! Many tenants don't come forward with a problem as they feel it might affect their tenancy and relationship with the Landlord. This is truly not the case a good Landlord will gladly help with any problems you are having. Remember nothing will get done if you don't speak up.

Ending Your Tenancy Agreement Properly

When your tenancy is nearing the end, your Landlord will come forward to arrange if you wish to renew the agreement. If you do choose to renew now is the perfect time to bring up any issues you found with the original agreement to work through them. If you choose not to renew, agree on a moving out date and make sure you leave the property in the same condition as you left it. This is a crucial step as if the property is different you could face some hefty charges.


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