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Property May 14, 2018

Neighbourhood Factors You Must Consider

When it comes to moving to a new house there are many factors that you must take into consideration. Most people just focus on the property itself but it is also important to look at the bigger picture, the neighbourhood. In this blog we look at the different aspects you must investigate.

Overall Aesthetic

When you walk into a neighbourhood you want to feel that the local residents take pride in their area, which is why the overall aesthetic is so important. The state of the neighbourhood is a good indication of the personalities of the residents. Even if on first glance the area looks neat and tidy, take a walk off the beaten track and explore as sometimes it may be hidden.


Transport is a make or break factor, if there are not good transport links then it can ruin your overall experience even though the property might be perfect. Even if you have your own car it’s still something you should look into. Research the nearest transport stops such as busses and taxis and don’t forget to look how far you are away from the train station too.


Crime is often a factor that can be forgotten, if it’s not right in front of your face you might not think it is a problem, however this might not be the case. As well as doing online research such as using to view local crimes its also important to talk to residents and the local police station, they can provide a true account that can help your understanding.

Local Amenities

You may have found your perfect property but is it centrally located? They say that if you do not have a shop within 10 minutes from your home then amenities will be a problem. If you have children, you must also consider them making sure there are fun things to do which are easily accessible. This goes hand in hand with transport as the closer you get to populated areas the more transport links that will available to you.

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