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Property May 18, 2018

Should I Invest in a Garage Conversion?

When you are trying to sell your home, there are lots of avenues you can go down to increase the property value. One of those avenues is to convert your garage into a brand-new room. But is it worth your while? In this blog we are going to be looking into if a Garage Conversion is really something you should be looking into.

Garage Conversions work particularly well if the property you are selling is under 3 bedrooms. It not only dramatically increases the size of the house, but it provides extra breathing space for maybe another bedroom, office or even a gym. These possibilities are what buyers look for. On average Garage Conversions cost around £8,000 - £10,000 and even though they are a large investment, they offer great return.

But what do you need to think about before making the decision? The first and most important factor is to assess whether you are taking away well needed parking. Is there still drive or street parking available? Have you assessed the actual need for an extra room…? If you have experienced storage shortages or need another bedroom, then these aspects are all pros towards getting a conversion. But if you are just looking for a way to increase value, a Garage Conversion might not always work in your favour.

If you do decide to go ahead with a Garage Conversion you should first do you research, talk to friends and family who have invested in a conversion and tell them to give you their honest opinion. Did they see the benefits? Was it worth it? You may also gain from having a property valuation carried out before getting the conversion done. That way you can see the property value as it is and see if they suggest a conversion is the right way to go.

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