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Property June 4, 2018

Should I Have A Survey Done Before Buying A House?

Did you know that only 20% of people get a property survey done before buying a house? You may be wondering if you really need one and, in this blog we are going to talk through the advantages of getting a Survey done.


A Property Survey is a detailed inspection of the condition of the property. The surveyor will tell you about the property as a whole including any structural works that need completing, any major changes as well as providing helpful advice.


There are 3 types of surveys which are beneficial in their own separate ways, all you have to do is decide which one is most suited to you.


Condition report

This survey provides you with needed information but only briefly covers areas. It’s the cheapest of it’s kind and works well for an overall review. It works in a traffic light system, Green means there are no improvements to be made, Amber means repairs could be made, and red means serious action needs to be taken.


Homebuyers Report

This survey offers a full in-depth look at your property and is great for homeowners looking to improve their home to the best standard. It will alert you of any major problem that need fixing, and the value that will come with that. This report also acts as a valuation and will give the homeowner a clear view of a suitable asking price.


Building Survey

This is the most expensive survey available but can provide some great tips and tricks on how to avoid unnecessary spending. The surveyor will provide a full report after taking a detailed  look into the property. The report will include advice on repairs, estimated time and cost. 

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