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Property July 10, 2018

How to Host the Perfect World Cup Party In Your Home!

Everyone has well and truly got World Cup fever! Even if you are not a football fan, it’s hard not to be taken in by the patriotic celebrations. In this blog we go over top tips to make your World Cup party one to remember.



The first step to a great party is the theme, no party is complete without one! With a World Cup party, the world is your oyster, whether you want to keep it strictly football related or delve into the traditions of the county playing, you should never be short of ideas. Make sure the theming is practical too, there’s no point in random theming that has no use, instead invest in accessories that will benefit your party such as football fairy lights, football chairs and flags for people to wave for the team they are supporting.

Watching the game

The main event has to be the game in question, you have to make sure you can accommodate for all of the guests coming. With so many guests you may be holding a garden party. If you are, there are many solutions to make sure everyone can watch the match. Aside from bringing the TV outside with the help of an extension lead, portable Projectors are the way of the future. There are many types available with different settings meaning you can choose the right one for your party. Simple hook up your phone to the projector and you are good to go!

For the outdoor screen, you may worry that you need a professional fold up screen but this is simply not the case. A white sheet fixed to an outdoor wall has exactly the same effect and costs a quarter of the price


Food is another essential to a successful party. Depending on the teams in the game, you can pick food from their country to make a on trend buffet, such as Pizza for Italy and Paella for Spain.

Snack foods are your best bet as people will be able to help themselves throughout the match. Don’t forget to add some football theming with cocktail stick flags, pies for half time and even football inspired desserts.


No party is complete without party games, its especially vital for those who are not so into football.

Make sure to cater for the kids as well as adults, a penalty shoot out would be a perfect way to continue your theming, but don’t forget to be aware of your surroundings. Get those not so invested in football involved by creating a competition for those who back a certain team.

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