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Property July 24, 2018

The First Things You Need to Do When Moving into A New Property

Moving to a new house, requires lots and lots of planning on the run up to the actual move. So much so that once you are moved in you might not know what to do next. In this blog we go over the first steps you need to follow in your new home.


Check All Your Belongings Have Arrived

With many boxes here there and everywhere it can be tricky to keep track of it all but the sooner you check everything is there the sooner you can settle in. It’s highly unlikely but sometimes boxes can go missing and the longer you leave it the harder it will be to find them or get them back from the removal company.


Test Your Utilities

Even if the property has been standing empty for only a week, you can sometimes experience problems with utilities due to reduced usage. Inspect all taps, radiators and your boiler too to make sure everything is in correct working order. Make sure you run your taps for a while to get rid of any stagnant water that may be off colour and contain bacteria.


Unpack the Essentials

Before you get the urge to unpack everything remember once you get it all out it can be stressful to find a space for it straight away. Instead only unpack the essentials for now and then start to unpack other things once you feel more settled in. For the first 3 days your essentials will tide you over.


Switch on Main Appliances

To get your home up and running it’s important you switch on your appliances soon after you arrive, this will give them time to adjust and start working again. Just in time for making a meal on the night time. This is also the opportune time to set up your Wi-Fi too as in this day and age no Wi-Fi can feel like losing a limb! Talk to your provider about setting up a secure connection.


Cater for Pets

Pets can take longer to settle into a new environment so it’s important you cater for their needs from the onset. Set up their sleeping arrangements, make sure they are topped up with food and water and make them feel safe in this brand-new house.

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