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Property July 30, 2018

The Top Tips for Low Maintenance Gardening

A nicely maintained garden looks amazing and it makes you want to enjoy it more and more, especially when the weather is so lovely. But maintaining your garden can be tricky, when you have a busy life. In this blog we go over our top tips for a low maintenance garden.


Lose the Lawn

One of the areas that can look the worst when not maintained is your grass, if left it can look overgrown and generally untidy. So, the best solution is to get rid of it! Stylish stones and gravel are really in and require almost no maintenance apart from a move around now and then to keep it level.

If you are worried about the loss of colour in your garden, grass could still be an option but artificial is the way to go. Artificial grass can be pricey but once it is laid down it then requires minimum maintenance and always looks fresh even in Winter.


Invest in Pots and Planters

Covering your garden in flowers can look great when they are in bloom but once they are past their best, it’s a big clean up operation. A great way to avoid this is to invest in Pots and Planters to hold your flowers. They look smart and sophisticated and can’t grow out of control adding more work than needs to be.


Introduce Decking

If you have a big garden a perfect way to reduce fill the space is to invest in decking. The modern touch will look great in your garden and it’s very easy to keep only requiring a hose down once it gets dirty. It also provides you with a new seating area to relax on in summer.

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