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Property September 18, 2018

How to Make A Student House Feel Like Home

With another term at Uni fast approaching, we look at how to decorate your new student pad to feel like you have never left home.



The best way to remind yourself of the people back home is to take them with you! Photographs are a great way to not only help yourself feel less lonely but also decorate your walls. There are plenty of funky photograph ideas out there that stay well clear of the photo frame and add a real unique touch to your home.


Keep It Cosy

The last thing you want to do after a long day at Uni is come back to realise you haven’t made yourself a comfy spot to chill. So, make sure you invest in some cosy furnishings such as cushions and throws. You will thank yourself for it later.


Create the Perfect Atmosphere

A cold house can make you feel isolated and very far away from home which is why it’s a main focus to set the right mood. Fairy lights are a great way to do this and look good just about anywhere. Choose between yellow or white lights to match the interior of the room. In a Uni house they are an essential.


Add Some Greenery

The best way to make your house feel fresh is to add some flowers or small indoor plants that don’t require much maintenance. They not only look good but smell it too! Just don’t forget to water them.

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