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Property September 25, 2018

A Guide to Picking the Perfect Front Door For You!

First impressions count, and your front door is one of the main focal points for the front of your house so it’s important to make sure it looks fresh and welcoming! Whether you are looking to sell your home or just update it, in the blog we are going to be offering our full guide on picking the right front door for your property.

Decide Your Budget

Front Doors can be expensive especially with new lock technology being introduced, you may find the price a little higher than you thought. That’s why before you do anything else you must check the overall budget you are willing to spend. Cheap front doors are always an easy option but they will not last a long time and can be easily broken in the case of a burglary.


The next step is to investigate the style you are interested in. This year country cottage trends and modern doors are all the rage! Most likely you will have free roam when it comes to picking your perfect style, but you must make sure to be careful if you live in a listed building as rules will apply. You may have to keep within certain specifications.

Did you know the most popular style of front door is Victorian, that has 2 glass panels at the top and 2 at the bottom?


Once you have your chosen style you can make a decision on the material of your door. You must take into consideration the weather conditions, usage and durability.  Even though wood looks great, they can get dirty quickly and cleaning them can be time consuming. Plastic doors have great durability but can become grubby quickly. Review the top materials.


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