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Property October 18, 2018

Top 5 Autumn Cleaning Tips

As we transition into Autumn, now is the perfect time to spruce up your home ready for the cold weather. In this blog we go over some top cleaning tips to help you!


Wash Your Windows

In Autumn its best to complete jobs that involve going outside such as washing your windows. You may feel like leaving you windows until next Spring, after the harsh weather but it really leaves you with a bigger job to do. Instead we suggest giving them a clean so they do not appear streaky over the next few months.


Declutter Your Kitchen

Summer can bring with it lots of parties which in turn include BBQ’s. After Summer it’s best to have clear out of your cupboards and fridge to get rid of any food that is old or simply not seasonal anymore. As well as this it’s best to defrost the fridge ready for hearty meals and home Winter cooking.

Clean Your Floors

We all know that winter brings muddy footprints and snow, so it’s best to clean your floors and carpets before Autumn kicks in properly and keep an eye on the floor throughout winter to remove any muddy prints that occur, as leaving them can leave to stains you can’t get rid of.


Refresh Your Bedding

As you change your bedding to a warmer thicker quilt, let it air and clean around the bed frame. Don’t forget to vacuum the mattress to get rid of any dust.  This will refresh your bed before Winter and leave you feeling extra cosy.


Clean Chimneys, fires and smoke alarms

Winter is the time you will get the most use out of your fire, so before you use it it’s best to make sure it is clean and safe from any hazards. The same goes for your smoke alarms, give it a dust and re-check the batteries to see if everything is in full working order.


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