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Property October 23, 2018

How to Add a Retro Touch to Your Home

Times are changing and so are house trends, but one style that never goes out of fashion is the retro feel. In this blog we go over our top tips for adding a retro touch in your home!

Block Colours

Block colours hit the retro trend perfectly! The quirky style is not only eye catching but instantly brightens up your home. Depending on how retro you are wanting to make your home, you can experiment with potential ideas such as tables and chairs or simply cushions and coasters.

Retro Furniture

The best way to incorporate the trend is to invest in some actual period furniture. Your best bet is to look for pieces from the 50’s to the 70’s. The ideal place to find this is online market places or car boot sales as you know they will be original and not just replica furniture from the time period. Again, you can choose how much to bring in the trend to your home, but one thing that always works well is lighting and tables, it’s subtle but really makes an impression.


Each decade has its own pattern’s and unique style so, a great way to incorporate a certain time is to introduce the pattern. In the 50’s check patterns were very popular and gave off a highland feel.  In the 60’s flower power was very in with bright and bold prints that were based around the colour orange. The 70’s loved geometric styles with many prints being incorporated onto crocheted blankets and pillows.


Through the decades lighting has been a huge trend that has changed, whereas now minimalist styles are very much top of the market, bigger patterned lampshades were a trend to be reckoned with. If you are looking to just add a taste of retro into your home a great way to do this is through lighting. You can get the true essence of an era through lighting which is why it can change the whole mood of your home. Plus, you can usually find second hand pieces for a reasonable price too.

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