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Property November 5, 2018

How to Go Plastic Free In Your Home!

With plastic affecting the world more and more, people are turning to a plastic free life to help save the environment. But how easy is it to live a plastic free? In this blog we go over the best ways to become plastic free in your home.


Bathroom Products


One of the areas of your home that contains lots of plastic, is your bathroom. With countless products in boxes and bottles it’s a prime example of how much plastic is actually used. To avoid this, it’s best to get rid of any plastic containers and keep your products in glass jars or invest in plastic friendly products that only use animal safe packaging.


Kitchen Products


When out shopping it seems easy to just grab a plastic bag and buy your fruit and veg, but these plastic bags are often thrown out after use and they’re simply not needed. Instead take a cardboard box or bowl to your local grocers to avoid unnecessary waste.


When at home the same applies instead of plastic packaging, why not keep your food in jars for example. They still keep your food fresh and don’t affect the environment.


In the Garden


Plastic plant pots are a main essential in the garden, but what happens after you are finished using them? To avoid waste, there are lots of biodegradable pots and labels which will add to your compost over time which is a great use in the garden. 

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