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Property November 19, 2018

The Best Apps for Around the Home

As we are in the age of technology there are plenty of Apps that can make living that bit easier. In this blog we go over out top suggestions for apps that will benefit you around the home.


We all love music and most likely you will have already downloaded some of the top music apps already. But have you thought about other sounds? White noise apps are the perfect way to relax in your home whilst listening to some soothing sounds such as waves, the rain and even birds. These apps are not only great for relaxing the house, but they have also been proven to help those who struggle to fall asleep. Out top pick is the atmosphere app which is available for Free! It offers over 100 different soothing sounds, so you will not be stuck for choice.


Are you looking into redecorating but could do with a little more inspiration? Apps are the perfect way to go! If you are more of the DIY type of person, Pinterest offers lots of tips and step by step guides on all things crafty for your home. You can also keep up with the latest interior trends too. If you are a visual person, Measured is an app that uses augmented reality to let you measure space as well as try out different colours and styles to see what suits the room best.


Cleaning the house is a chore, so wouldn’t it be great if you had some extra help! Keep track of up to 300 tasks that you have set via the app Clean My House. This handy system allows you to set reminders for things on your to do list and you can also categorize them to make it easier for yourself.


Family fun can often be pushed to the back due to busy schedules but it’s always great to enjoy some time with family. If you are looking to get the whole family involved, Heads Up a free party game in which you have to guess what phrase on your phone with instructions from your team mates is perfect! This great app lets you pick from categories such as films, popstars and songs meaning there is something for all the family. 

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