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Property November 27, 2018

How to Protect Your Home From Burglars

With the dark mornings and nights your home can become easy prey for burglars and opportunists. In this blog we provide some helpful tips to prevent your home from break-ins.

Invest in Security Cameras

Over the past few years, security cameras in homes have become ever more popular and we can see why. It gives you the opportunity to catch any potential intruders immediately and it also puts them off completing a break-in due to the thought of being watched. There are lots of types available and all range in price, but they are worth the money. Investing in a simple security camera can stop a crime before it has even happened and catch those in the act too.

Update Your locks

Even if your lock is in full working order, its technology may be outdated and it could be easy for an intruder to break in without much force. As well as updated lock technology that is stronger than ever, there are also smart locks available that send an alert to your phone when anyone attempts to access your home, even with a key.

Hide Any Valuables

Most people tend to keep their car keys and money by the door for easy access, but that also means easy access for burglars too… Instead keep them locked away or upstairs near you to prevent any intruders getting to your valuables easily. This also applies to any gadgets like phones or tablets.

Look for Weak Spots Around Your Home

Weak entry points are a blessing for burglars as they provide a simple way to get in without the need to make too much noise. This could be through a window that isn’t locked or a shed that is hidden away and easy to creep to. A way to overcome this problem is to not just fix them, but also think about installing flood lights to your garden that are motion activated. 

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