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Property December 13, 2018

How to Do Christmas On A Budget

Every year Christmas becomes more extravagant, bigger presents and bigger celebrations. So, what happens when you want to keep Christmas cost effective? In this blog we show you how to do Christmas on a budget…


Set A Price Limit

Before you start any planning for the big day, it’s important to set a budget. Whether that be for presents, food or decorations. This way you can pre plan what will fit into your spending limit and not feel like you are missing out. It also benefits you in the long run instead of crunching the numbers at the end.


Don’t Go for Premium

It may be easy to be taken back by all of the luxury food adverts and delicious treats that are available. But you have to think whether you can find a cheaper alternative. Supermarkets often compete at Christmas offering different price cuts on festive food. Do your research and shop about as you are bound to save money by not buying everything in the same place. The same goes for festive essentials such as crackers, the cheaper ones are sometimes the most fun.


Stop the Unnecessary Presents

Presents are an essential part of Christmas, but people can get carried away by how extravagant they are. Set you and your family a target whether that be a present number or price, that way there are no quibbles on Christmas morning.



If you are getting close to your spending limit, why not DIY! There are lots of things that you can make yourself, whether that be decorations for the tree or a centre piece for the table. Pinterest is the perfect place to find quirky easy to make Christmas ideas.

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