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Property January 8, 2019

A Guide to Picking the Right Kitchen Top for You

Planning your perfect Kitchen can be a tough task… With lots to think about it can be hard to determine the style you are going for. In this blog we look at the best way to choose the right work surface for you!



This material is one of the most popular choices for kitchens as its high end look really adds a feel of luxury. There are many different shades and patterns to choose from, making it perfect for matching the colour scheme of your kitchen. It is very durable and is scratch and heat resistant. However, you need to make sure you have sturdy cabinets below as they are always heavy and require full support.



This traditional style adds a real country kitchen feel and brings out the character of your kitchen. Its durability makes it reliable for many years to come and like all wood it improves with age. If any damage does occur, it’s easy to sand away the accident leaving the surface looking as good as new! To keep the best condition, you do need to make sure the condition of the wood never gets too dry as this can result in cracks so make sure you have proper oil to treat the wood.



Marble is the material with the WOW factor, its shiny classy appearance makes your kitchen look really 5 stars. It is fairly durable to scratches and chips but is prone to damage in its lifetime. Like wood it needs sealing, and this is recommended completing annually.



Glass counters although less popular are the perfect way to add a unique style to your kitchen. They are very sleek and streamlined and bring the modern touch into your home. The colour range you can have is varied and they are very easy to clean, with just one wipe doing the job. However, any little marks will stand out, whether that be finger marks, chips or scratches. You must be extra careful to use chopping boards and protective covers.

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