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Property January 15, 2019

How to Keep Your Home Warm During Winter

Winter is well and truly here and with the weather seeming to get colder by the day, you might find yourself putting the heating up. But is there another way to insulate your home?

In this blog we are going to be discussing the best ways to keep your home warm.


Utilise Your Curtains

Your Curtains may block out the light, but they are also a great way of keeping heat in your home. Did you know that they can add insulation by around 12%! The best way to use them is to keep them open during the day letting the sun in and then closing them at night, keeping the warm air in your home for as long as possible.


Double Glazing

Single glazed windows are less common now but those with older houses may still have them. Overall, they will let out heat twice as much as double glazing windows and can cost you lots more in energy bills. If you already have double glazing but still don’t think you are feeling the benefit from them then why not try triple glazing!

Set a Thermostat Timer

If your energy bills are unnecessarily high why not set your thermostat on a timer, this means you know exactly what time your heating is on and how much you will be spending. The best time to put it on is 30 minutes before you wake up and in the evening when everyone is back from work. This is a great way to cut costs whilst still being warm.

How to Keep Your Home Warm During Winter

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