Refer a landlord today for £100 per property

Refer a landlord to us and make a swift £100.

If you know of any landlords, why don’t you do them (and you) a favour? If you refer them to Hegartys and they end up working with us, we’ll give you £100 per property. So if they have 5 properties, then it’s well worth it – especially as you will have referred your contact to an experienced and flexible property management company.

There are a few terms & conditions apply:

  • The referred landlord must come on board as a customer of ours.
  • The referred landlord must sign up for our main T&Cs and not in line with any special offers.
  • If it’s an empty property, you will receive your £100 when we tenant the property and are paid by the landlord
  • If it’s a tenanted property, you will receive your £100 when we receive our monthly commission.

Call: 0191 512 4940